“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
- Ann Wigmore

Features of EcoDome greenhouse:

  • Robust and durable structure, even in harsh climates;
  • Energy efficiency. Minimal heat loss thanks to spherical shape;
  • Perfect aerodynamics. Air moves freely and evenly inside the dome;
  • Ease of assembly and operation;
  • Most of growing space, despite from outside appearance;
  • Attractive appearance;
dome greenhouse

Why should One choose geodesic dome greenhouse instead of a regular, rectangular shaped? First of all - it has a superb, neat look, what is really important for any backyard landscape. Geodome greenhouse, thanks to it's shape, has much more functional advantages, when comparing with a regular one. Modern automation possibilities, used in our geodesic greenhouse will make your gardening fun by performing most of the boring routine works for you.
Our Geodome Greenhouse KIT is specially designed for easy DIY installation. It is provided with a detailed instruction, what makes an assembly process easy, like playing Lego on a bigger scale.

EcoDome greenhouse is not just a place where ecological vegetables grow. It is also an eye-catching construction, embellishing your backyard garden and a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for relaxing.

geodesic dome greenhouse
Kit contains:
  • Framework, made of solid, bio-protected wood;
  • High quality greenhouse film;
  • Door;
  • Bolts, nuts;
  • Four opening windows;
  • Assembly instruction.

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