Geodesic dome kits from 5 to 16m diameters

If you want to make the building more in tune with the environment, or you just really like the idea of living in dome house built by yourself. Our geodesic dome frameworks will be a good option to realise your idea.
You get a kit with a clear step-by-step instructions for self-assembly, what allows for anyone build their own

Dome Home

Dome kit contains:

  • Main framework 46x150 + inner framework 50x50;
  • Hubs;
  • Bolts, nuts, screws, nails;
  • Plywood panels;
  • Additional beams;
  • Main joists for the 2nd floor (except of the 14.4 and 16 meters diameters);
  • Stem wall;
  • Wood protective coating.

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