• ECO-30
  • Flooring area: 26.65 m²
  • Diameter: 6.0 m
  • Height: 3.51 m
  • People standing: 40
  • People sitting: 22
  • Seated tables: 20

A small dome structure with 30 m² of the floor area, that ideally fits in heavy human traffic places, and may be used as a point of sale or an information booth during mass events.
As well as it would work as an exclusive place to relax by the swimming pool or in your garden.



  • ECO-50
  • Flooring area: 50 m²
  • Diameter: 8.0 m
  • Height: 4 m
  • People standing: 70
  • People sitting: 45
  • Seated tables: 35

The 50 m² event dome is an ideal solution for Your open air business reunions and seminars.
As well as for an exclusive diner, presentation, or the wedding.
This size dome is suitable for a forest or a seaside cabin use



  • ECO-75
  • Flooring area: 77.25 m²
  • Diameter: 10.0 m
  • Height: 5.0 m
  • People standing: 125
  • People sitting: 110
  • Seated tables: 75

The 77 m² geodesic dome structure is designed for the vast exhibitions, presentations, instant party, dining or retail space. The dome frame allows the suspension of all the required light and sound equipment, like the stage lights, sound and PA systems, projectors, while hiding the cables under the deck.



  • ECO-110
  • Flooring area: 113 m²
  • Diameter: 12 m
  • Height: 6 m
  • People standing: 160
  • People sitting: 130
  • Seated tables: 90

Dome structure ECO-110 has more than 113 m² what is enough for most of events in the city center or in nature's lap.
Additionally equipped with floor system and smaller size dome, it will create a space for an exclusive wedding as well as any other type of event.



  • ECO-150
  • Flooring area: 154 m²
  • Diameter: 14 m
  • Height: 7.85 m
  • People standing: 230
  • People sitting: 148
  • Seated tables: 112

This dome is opt for the most ambitious events. It can serve as an hotel, club and bar, or a concert hall.

Ideal for runway fashion shows, corporate events, or the auto show and presentation.


SonoDome is offering long term and a short term rent a dome services. Demountable geodesic structures are the only alternative to the regular tents for an event of any scale. The wide range of the dome sizes and functional options, will make any project possible.

Our geodesic dome structures are incredibly versatile. Geodesic domes could be installed in a short time on practically any surface, for any weather, as a temporary or a permanent structures.

Perfect in every detail...
Quick installation and the structures low weight, allow for multiple events held at various locations with one dome and one installer crew, with no heavy machinery used. Any place can be transformed into an event location with dome structures by SonoDome, weather it’s a busy downtown or a mountain top.

We offer for rent any size domes, with theme zoning during the grand scale events. The arrays of domes can be united by the series of tunnels.

Popular uses for the geodesic dome event tents:

  • Cafes, restaurants, bars;
  • Outdoor weddings;
  • Trade events and fairs;
  • Festival and concert stages, fan-zones;
  • Presentations and conferences;
  • Advertisement, sponsors areas;
  • Point of sale and advertisement, information centers;
  • Sports event pavilions, fashion show runways;
  • Corporate events and parties;
  • Permanent structures for various events;
  • Cinema, planetarium,360 degree IMAX dome projections;
  • Clubs, mini golf courses, and other creative entertainment;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Isolated VIP zones for any event.

Get in touch and we will find the best solution for you!

Steel structures

Steel structures
Self supporting white powder coated steel frame. The geodesic dome method allows the creation of the lightweight, vast sheltered, yet very stable spaces. The main advantage of the geodesic domes - is the even stress distribution all over the frames nodes.

Dome pavilions by SonoDome do not require any poles, load baring walls, or columns inside, allowing for maximum usable area required by the client. Steel structural elements use is making the structure sustainable to the weather factors and loads, and extends the life time expectancy during multiple install/uninstall cycles.

Each geodesic dome structure by SonoDome is designed according to the loads calculations. That, in turn, ensures the safety and longevity. Our structural engineers are able to calculate the suspended equipment peak loads for each model geodesic dome.


We use the best quality PVC tent fabrics for our geodesic dome covers, made by reputable manufacturers in Germany and Belgium. All of our fabrics are certified and comply with European standards of quality and fire resistance.

Eco Dome covers for the demountable dome structures are known for the their strengths and long life. Due to the frequent weaving the material is resisting punctures, scratches, and cuts. It's very easy to keep the dome cover clean. We offer covers in a vast color selections, or in the most popular snow white.

Possible covers for portable dome structures: - Transparent PVC fabric, with excellent levels of transmitting and refracting the sunlight, will illuminate the whole dome. The video projections will be visible on the inside as well as on the outside of the dome tent. - Blackout PP laminated canvas. It's very useful for dome projections. Blocking 99% of the visible light and solar heat, it prevents the dome overheat during hot summer days.

Floor and decking

Floor and decking
We have specially designed the modular decking system, that includes the rigid frame, and prefabricated panels for quick and easy installation. The SonoDome modular floor system also allows to easily hide and protect the cables and wiring, while compensating the slope and other uneven or rough surface.

The floor can be finished with carpet, laminated board, linoleum, or modular PVC panels.

Entry, Doors

Entry, Doors
Standard issued domes are including the one round door. It ideally blends into the dome shape, with the transparent or opaque PVC fabric zipper door. The doorway can be left free by removing the door in a few minutes.

The dome tent may have up to 5 doorways, that can also be interconnected with the other domes, or serve as additional entrances and exits if crowded.

At the customers request we are able to replace the PVC fabric doors with any other desired type of the door.

Connecting tunnels

Connecting tunnels
All of the mobile SonoDome structures can be interconnected with the special cylindrical tunneled walkways.
The cluster of interconnected domes creates remarkable feeling of volume, allow to theme split the event infrastructure, utilizing distinct design.
Let's say, for each individual exhibition stand.

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