Idea of designing a Light Dome construction came to us with a frequent need for a light, open space construction, which is fast to build and easy to maintain, and which has unlimited usage possibilities.
Some of them we will list here:

Yoga Dome

creates very special environment and atmosphere for practicing yoga. Different size options allow you to build a personal peaceful place for meditation or to create a bigger space for yoga classes with more people. Dome structures offer a great acoustic. Its shape ensures maximum inner space with minimal external surface area. Framework doesn't require additional support, even the opposite - you can hang equipment for aerial yoga on it.
Thanks to its shape, such dome construction will remain stable even in windy areas, for example high in the mountains. Walls can be insulated if it is needed in your climate. Skylight windows ensure utilization of natural heat and light. Making transparent part of
Yoga Dome will allow you to see beautiful natural environment around while practicing.

Summer house

in a dome is an elegant and cheap alternative to a traditional house. Modern look, maximum inner space, bright and fancy construction, who wouldn't dream of one?

Full of light and fresh air - thats the first thoughts about such domes. It can satisfy any designers ideas - get a private pool inside (in dome water will be warmed additionally in sunny days), making an exotic tropical garden (tropical climate easy to maintain) or install a cosy fireplace to enjoy it during the colder evenings.. It's all up to you, Light Dome makes it possible. There are much more ideas how Light Dome can be used: gym, covered pool, country house, class room, art studio, reading, dining room ...

yoga dome
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